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Plan A Mountain Vacation

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There is nothing like being able to look out the window and see tall mountain peaks, pine trees, and then hear the bugle of an elk—there is something very special about spending time in the mountains. It’s even more enjoyable when the whole family is gathered together.  One of the best ways to spend time in the mountains is to rent a cabin or lodge in the mountains. There are many reasons to plan a vacation or an extended stay in mountain lodging, here are just a few of those reasons.  Customizable You may be a regular John Wayne that was forced out of the mountains in the first place to find a good job, or you could be a person that has never stayed a night away from home. No matter what type of background you have, there is going to be a type of mountain lodging for you. If you want a cabin where you have to chop your own firewood and cook over the stove, then you will be able to find that no problem. However, if you are wanted to have all the luxuries of home, but with the scenery of the mountains, you will be able to find a perfect location. No matter what you want in your cabin or lodge you will be able to find the perfect match for you and your vacation. Activities Often at these lodges and cabins you will find that there are a plethora of things to do. You will often find ATV’s, horses, bike trails, boating, canoeing fishing streams, and some of the best hiking trails available. It really does not matter what you enjoy to do, you will be able to find a cabin that will provide you with the experience that you are really wanting. This is one reason that a mountain vacation is so good for a family. There are so many things to do that the kids should never get bored and ask what they should do. These are the times when families can grow together. Playing together during the day on an ATV and playing board games at night, either by candlelight or electricity.  Finding mountain lodging for your next summer vacation or family reunion doesn’t have to be difficult. To learn more about your options, contact services that provide mountain cabins. You can ask them about reservations, pricing, and more over the phone or...

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2 Reasons To Go To An Escape Room With Friends

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If you are looking for a fun activity to do with friends, you should consider going to an escape room. This is a room that you are essentially going to be locked into, and you are going to need to figure out the clues in order to escape. You are going to be given a set amount of time to figure out the clues and escape, so you will have to work quickly. There are several reasons why going to an escape room is a great activity to do with friends and this article is going to discuss 2 reasons why.  You Get To Work Together One reason why going to an escape room is a great activity to do with friends is because it allows all of your to work together and bounce ideas back and forth. If you were to go in the escape room by yourself, it would just be up to you to try and figure out all of the clues. This would make it much harder for you to be successful because you wouldn’t have others to work with to help you figure out the clues. Also, because they are your friends, you will be comfortable enough to discuss the clues in detail and work together well, which probably wouldn’t happen if you were working with strangers.  You Will Have A Great Time The escape room is going to tell a story with the clues that are planted inside of it, and each time you solve one, you are going to feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement. As you move through the room figuring out the clues, you are also going to feel some adrenaline pumping through your veins as you try and race the clock to get out of the room in time. If you happen to solve all of the clues, and get out of the room before the time is up, you are all going to be thrilled with your skills. However, even if you don’t get through the room the first time, you are still going to have a great time with your friends. And, you also have the option of trying the escape room again, anytime that you’d like. You will probably get a bit further each time, until you and your friends get the ultimate sense of accomplishment from working all of the way through it and...

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Don’t Forget These Features When Designing Your Escape Game Room

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There’s a lot of advice out there about designing a room for an escape game, but it often focuses on making the game itself interesting. If you want to design a room yourself, or if you’re looking at companies that construct these rooms, it pays to pay attention to details that seem small but that do have a major impact on how many people can sign up to use your escape room. The construction of the room itself is just as important as the design of the game, and keeping in mind that these games are more popular than ever will help you plan features that make your room one of the better ones. Emergency Exits When you play in a legitimate escape game, you’re never truly locked in a room with no way out. That would be too dangerous because someone who got hurt or who began to panic would need to get out quickly, regardless of how they were doing in the game. Many rooms simply leave the main door unlocked, letting people know that’s for emergency use only. However, that does limit your storytelling. You may want to consider, instead, having a separate emergency exit that is camouflaged but easy to access, while using the main door’s lock as part of the game. That might not sound like such a difference, but it can be because having to really unlock a door can add to the suspense of the game. But again, you must have an emergency exit installed if you make the main door lock. The emergency exit should be easy to reach, be easy to open, and not set off any alarms. Accessibility Most escape rooms are one level, making it easy for people who have mobility problems to get into the room, and if your room will be open to the public, you’ll have to take ADA compliance into account. But the game design often calls for props to be placed all over the place, including on the floor in a mess. Furniture might be placed at odd angles as part of the mystery. That can interfere with people who are in wheelchairs, and it can be dangerous for those who are visually impaired. Leave at least a wide pathway where no props or furniture are placed so that people who need the space do have a way to be in the room without being unnecessarily hemmed in by props. The space should allow them to access the emergency exit, too. Multiple Language Availability If you live in a city where there are multiple languages spoken, or if your city tends to be a favorite with tourists from a particular country, consider having versions of each game you offer in those languages. You should get everything professionally translated in the standard dialect for each language. Doing so will allow more people to take part. For example, a family whose teen children speak English fluently but whose parents are only at a basic conversational level could have a lot more fun if the story was in their first language. Escape games are growing in popularity because people are finding out that these can be fun puzzles to solve. They don’t have to be scary at all, despite the sound of the name, and they...

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Milestone Birthday Coming Up? Tips For Throwing The Big Bash

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Whether you are coming of age or celebrating the big 5-0, a party is always in order! Use some tips to create a festive venue, intriguing entertainment, and clever accents to make the bash a success. Visit party rental companies and speak with national booking agents to firm up supplies and talent for your affair. Some timeless and clever party tips include: Your venue. The easiest approach to any party is to hire help or host it in a venue that provides catering, bartending, and servers for your event. This will cost, but it can make it a worry-free experience for the planners as well as the guest-of-honor. Talk with venue staff about décor when booking the reservation. The entertainment. Unless you are friends with a local band, work with national talent booking agents to find renowned performers if you really want to make a splash at your event. Hiring top-name talent for your party will make it something that is remembered for years to come, and it is the perfect gift for the celebrant. The menu. Catered affairs are fine, but talk with staff or venue hosts about setting up some self-serve stations for guests to help themselves. This is perfect for cocktail hour or during a party when you don’t want to arrange a sit-down meal. Stations offering staple fare with all the fixings allow your guests to eat, while drinking and being merry! Some extras. So many things make a big impact at a party, from a photo booth to the types of party favors that you give out. Try to think of your guests’ experience and look at party details with their eyes. Some extras to think about include: Pay attention to things like parking and access when booking your venue. Guests may not want to attend if parking is a problem. Check out the restaurant facilities at your venue to make sure they are adequate for the size of your party. In restaurants or establishments, this will likely not be an issue; at a private home or outdoors, you may want to rent some portable toilets for the day. Greet guests warmly with cocktails and a welcome when they walk in the door. The guest-of-honor may find it difficult to enjoy themselves if the guests are not having a good time. Give your guests a little something to thank them for attending the party. Swag bags, mementos, and treats are that little something extra that will be remembered and appreciated. Celebrating something special? Use these tips to pull-off the perfect party. Work with professionals, like David Maida Presents, to make it easier to plan, but be sure to add personal touches that will make celebrants feel...

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Unique Block Party Ideas: Host A Wine Tasting Event!

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Hosting a block party is a great way to encourage neighbors to spend time together and get to know one another. But in order to inspire good conversation and encourage people to attend, you may need to do more than toss a few hot dogs on a grill and fill a cooler with beer. If you want to host the block party of the decade, consider setting up a wine-tasting event for your neighbors. Here are some guidelines and tips to get you started. Rent tables and chairs to make the area comfortable. Wine tasting is not the sort of thing you do while awkwardly perched against a chainlink fence. To make sure it’s comfortable for attendees to linger and taste, consider renting tables and chairs from a party supply company like Party People Rentals & Sales. You can set up a few rows of tables under a large tent. Place a few chairs at each table for guests who would rather sit. Consider putting chairs on one side of the tables and leaving the other side bare for attendees who would rather stand. Set up one type of wine at each table. Head to your local wine store, and purchase a few wines of each variety. For instance, you could purchase three or four Rieslings, a few Merlots, and a couple of Pinot Noirs. You could even stick to a certain theme, such as wines from your home state or only wines from France. Depending on how large your neighborhood is or how many people you expect to attend, you may want to buy several bottles of each wine. This way, you can replace bottles as they are emptied. Set up one type of wine at each table. For instance, put all of the Rieslings at one table and all of the Cabernets at another. Make a label for each table. This way, guests can gather at the tables with the wines they enjoy most. Also, set up a table with a few plastic coolers of water for rinsing glasses. Ask neighbors to pitch in financially. Clearly, hosting a wine tasting event will be a bit costly. To help defray the costs, ask neighbors who attend to contribute financially. Add up what you spend on the wine and other supplies, and divide that cost by the approximate number of people you expect to attend. Send a notice out to the neighbors at least a week or two before the event asking them to RSVP and advising them as to the amount you expect them to contribute. Have neighbors bring their own glasses and snacks. This is a good way to keep costs down. Have each neighbor who attends bring a wine-compatible snack to share along with their own tasting glasses. Anything from cheese, to chocolate, to fresh fruit works well. Supply a few plastic wine glasses for anyone who forgets theirs. Set up a kids’ area, if needed. If you live in a neighborhood where there are few or no children, this may not be necessary. But if your neighbors have little ones, it’s smart to provide them with some sort of entertainment. Renting a bounce house is always an option, but if you’re trying to stick to a budget, you could set up a kiddy pool, a...

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3 Simple Rules For Guilt-Free Binge-Watching

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Do you remember when you had to wait a week to see the next episode of your favorite television show – even if you were watching reruns? Today, you can easily pick up the full series of your favorite show on blu-ray and watch as many episodes in a row as you like, complete with special features and no commercials. Binge-watching is the ultimate in instant gratification, and it’s a fun way to spend a rainy weekend, ride out a case of the flu, or stay cool indoors on a summer day when it’s just too hot to go outside. But face it – binge-watching isn’t exactly a healthy activity. You may tend to eat too much, move too little, or both. And while one lazy day now and then isn’t the end of the world, you don’t want it to turn into a habit. Take a look at a few rules to follow when you’re binge-watching that can make it a slightly healthier activity and prevent you from making a habit of being a couch potato. Rule #1: Stock Up On Healthy Snacks If you find that binge-watching and binge-eating go hand-in-hand, you’re not alone. Research shows evidence of links between television consumption, unhealthy eating, and weight gain or obesity. Interestingly, the type of show you’re watching may make a difference. For example, researchers found that study participants who watched action shows ate 98% more than participants who watched talk shows. Participants watching sad shows ate 55% more than participants watching more cheerful content. And watching food-related content makes people who are dieting eat more. The healthiest thing that you can do is turn the television off while you eat. If you’re not watching TV, or otherwise distracted, you’ll be more mindful of what and how much you put in your mouth. But you don’t necessarily have to ban all snacking while watching to make binge-watching a little healthier. If you really want to be able to snack while you watch, take the time to make sure that you have healthy snacks readily available before you turn the TV on. Hide the potato chips and cookies, and cut up some fruits and veggies so that they’re ready to grab and go when you decide you want a snack. Substitute your movie-theater-style popcorn for some lightly salted, roasted edamame. Stock your fridge with water bottles instead of cans of soda. That way, you can have your TV marathon without increasing your waistline. Rule #2: Stand Up In Between Episodes It turns out that even if you exercise regularly, sitting down for long periods of time is really bad for your health. That’s why experts recommend that you stand up for at least two hours a day during working hours. And don’t think that the recommendation doesn’t apply to you because you’re binge-watching TV at home instead of sitting at a desk at work – your body doesn’t know the difference between eight hours of office work and eight hours of Orange is the New Black. Luckily, research also suggests that it doesn’t matter if that two hours of standing is broken up into small periods of time. Pause the show every so often, or take a break between each episode to stand up, stretch, and move around. You don’t...

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4 Gift Ideas Your Musically Inclined Teen Is Sure To Love

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There are a variety of benefits your musically inclined teen can take advantage of from being involved in music, such as the opportunity to increase their creativity levels as well as improve both motor and critical thinking skills. Whether for a birthday, a special holiday, or simply as a token of your love and appreciation, your teen is sure to appreciate a gift that encourages them to stay on their musical path. Here are four fun ideas to consider next time you’re looking for a perfect gift for your musically inclined teen: A Coffin Case If you’re looking to gift your teen something that’s a bit outside of the box, consider getting them a coffin case for their instrument. Coffin cases come in a variety of sizes and colors to accommodate everything from a flute to a trombone. While a coffin case is fun and nostalgic, it will still provide your teen’s instrument with the protection it needs for optimal performance as time goes on. Include a few stickers and embellishments with the coffin case when you wrap it up so your teen can decorate it to create a unique design that’s all their own. Check out what case options you have by visiting a case store, such as Encore A&S Case Company. A Musical Vacation Why not spring for a musical vacation with your teen as a gift for a special occasion? The trip will give you and your teen a chance to bond while exploring the history and culture of music from all walks of life. There are a variety of fun options to consider including: Visit the Experience Music Project in Seattle Washington. Check out Liverpool, England during the Liverpool International Music Festival. Hang out at the House of Blues or Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts. Experience the Vienna Philharmonic in Vienna, Austria. Attend the New Orleans Jazz Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. The idea is to explore a new place together while focusing on the music scene and everything it has to offer while you’re there. Lessons from a Local Pro Consider finding a local music pro that your teen looks up to and schedule a few personal lessons as a gift for them. Not only will your teen be able to increase their basic music skills, but they will likely enjoy the opportunity to gain some personal insight from a musician that they admire and would like to sound like. A couple lessons a week for just a month can make a dramatic and positive impact on the way your teen looks at the art of playing music and how they put their newly learned skills to practice overall. An Equipment Savings Account If your teen is eager to get their hands on a new instrument or accessory that is out of your price range, you can still make their dreams come true by setting up a savings account for them and funding the account to get them started with their savings. You can then offer to match their deposits until they have enough to buy the instrument or accessories that they really want. The savings account can continue to be used to encourage your teen to save for the things that they want in life by offering a little financial support as...

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How Can You Incorporate Your Children Into Your Las Vegas Wedding?

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If you and your partner plan to get married in Las Vegas and celebrate your nuptials with your closest friends and family, you may be wondering the best way to include your mutual children (or your soon-to-be stepchildren) in the ceremony and reception activities. Marrying with children can be a rocky transition at times, and creating an inclusive atmosphere when you and your spouse are exchanging vows can help your children feel more comfortable with these new roles and adjustments inherent in creating a blended family. Read on to learn several ways you can incorporate your children into your Las Vegas wedding.  Have your wedding theme centered around family One of the advantages of a Las Vegas wedding is that the chapels perform enough varied weddings that they’ll be able to pull your request together in a minimal amount of time. In fact, more than 5 percent of weddings performed throughout the U.S. each year (around 112,000) happen in Las Vegas. Having a themed wedding centered around “creating a new family” rather than Elvis, pink flamingos, or one of the other themes often requested can help your children feel they’re an integral part of the entire process. This theme can include the creation of a family painting or sand art sculpture (letting you, your spouse, and your children each take a turn) before the vows are said or even giving your children their own vows. The officiant can tailor his or her speech to incorporate poems, proverbs, or even jokes about the strong ties that bind a family. Because of Nevada’s unusual wedding laws, you should have no trouble planning and executing this wedding on very short notice. Upon arriving in Las Vegas, you and your betrothed will need to head to the Clark County courthouse to obtain a marriage license from the clerk. This license will be issued the same day you apply, and it remains valid for one year from the date of issuance—allowing you some flexibility in setting the wedding date. To save time before your arrival at the courthouse, you may want to complete the marriage pre-application online, which will allow you to obtain your license from the “express” window rather than waiting in a potentially lengthy line behind other applicants.  Give your kids a special toast or treat at the reception If you’d prefer a more traditional ceremony, you may still want to find a way to incorporate your children (or provide them with a treat) at the reception. This may involve a special toast given by you or your spouse to recount a moment you shared with a child or children or the thoughts that crossed your mind before asking your spouse to marry you (or accepting this offer) and knowing you’d finally become a family. Those who aren’t great at speechwriting (or public speaking) can get some assistance from wedding chapel staff. Your wedding chapel may also be able to provide a special treat for the children in attendance—anything from a surprise appearance by a favorite cartoon character or superhero to a coloring or cookie-decorating station. By showing your children it’s important for you that they have fun at your wedding ceremony, you’ll help gain trust and gratitude. Professional photos (including candids) taken at the ceremony can provide you with priceless memories for years to...

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A Bride’s Best Friend: Your Guide To Being A Boss Of A Bridesmaid

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You’re probably both touched and excited to be invited to join the official wedding party for one of your girlfriends. After all, bachelorette parties and wedding showers, along with shopping for gorgeous gowns, couldn’t be more fun. But, as the culture around weddings has changed over the last decade, it’s also natural to be confused over what your official duties are. Look great for pictures? Check. Attend wedding? Check. But what else is there? You’ve got to say yes to the dress. The bride will choose her own wedding dress, but she’ll also be choosing yours. If it doesn’t look good on you, you’re going to have to make do with what you’ve got. Also, it’s customary for bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses. So, even if you aren’t used to talking money with your buddy, make sure you explain your budget when you’ve been formally invited to join the wedding party. You should be integral in planning and preparing. The original purpose for having a bridal party was for the bride to have the support she would need leading up to the big day. Many bridesmaids look at the invitation as an evaluation of what good friends you are. But, the bride probably also picked you because you can be relied on to come through if she needs you. Typical responsibilities for a bridesmaid include: attending appointments, like fittings and cake tasting, especially if the bride’s mother or the groom cannot be there.  participating in the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. directing or helping with pre-wedding set-up, such as decorating the hall according the bride’s specifications and fielding the questions of the florist and caterers while the bride gets ready. helping the bride into and out of her dress, as well as fixing hair and make-up when needed. Bridesmaids are also responsible, with the family and friends of the bride, for organizing pre-wedding parties. You’ll need to work with the maid of honor to plan a bachelorette party, as this typically involves just the bride and her close friends. You’ll work with the mother of the bride to plan and attend the wedding shower. You or another bridesmaid will also need to handle RSVP lists for both events. During the shower, you or another bridesmaid should write down the gifts and who they are from, so the bride can write thank you cards later. You’ll need to get there early and leave late. As a bridesmaid, you’ve got to commit yourself for the day. This means that you should be present while the bride is getting ready, during the ceremony, at the luncheon, and at the party that follows. It is bad form to leave before the bride and groom, so you should count on staying at least until they have made their final exit. Also, the bride depends on her wedding party to keep the party going. This means, that even though you’ve already put in a long day, you stay attentive to slideshows, and encourage guests to joining in the festivities by asking them to dance or by talking with those who seem reluctant to enjoy themselves.  You may not be able to choose your date. Depending on the formality of the wedding, the bride may have each bridesmaid paired with a groomsman for the...

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4 Reasons New Mothers Should Take Ballet

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With the trend of baby wearing making a resurgence, baby wearing fitness classes are also becoming popular. At many studios, you can find workouts catering to new mothers that range from mom and me yoga to baby wearing ballet. Baby wearing ballet can be a great way to bond with your baby, learn techniques to calm a fussy baby, and get in shape. Even if there is not a baby wearing ballet class in your area, if you are a new mother, there are many ways you can benefit from attending adult ballet classes on your own.  Increase Your Post Pregnancy Fitness Level Ballet is an amazing workout because it gently increases your strength, lung capacity, cardiovascular efficiency, flexibility and agility. Although advanced classes can be quite intense, each level of ballet builds on previous levels, making a beginning class great for people of all fitness levels, including new mothers.  After birth, one of your main concerns will probably be strengthening your pelvic floor. By the time you give birth, you are probably bored with kegel exercises, and you will be happy to know that there are other, more efficient ways to strengthen your pelvic floor. Ballet can strengthen your gluteal and core muscles while improving the curvature of your lower spine, all of which will painlessly improve your pelvic floor.  In the months following birth your blood volume with be returning to normal and your lungs will no longer be cramped by your baby. This makes it the perfect time to work on your cardiovascular health. The short bursts of high energy surrounded by constant low-level activity during a ballet class create the perfect environment for safely challenging yourself to work harder.  Restore Your Balance and Confidence  Ballet is a great way to improve your balance. You do not have to be in advanced pointe classes to reap the benefits of better balance. Even beginning classes require you to turn, squat, and constantly shift your weight. This can be an excellent way to explore your center of balance now that you are no longer pregnant. As you reconnect with your body, you will gain confidence in all of your physical activities.  Avoid Postpartum Depression  Between 9-16 percent of women will suffer from postpartum depression after giving birth. Although there are many factors that contribute to postpartum depression, your can decrease your chances of getting it by remaining active, having adequate personal time, and spending time outside each day. A ballet class twice a week gives you time to unwind from the stress of caring for an infant and concentrate on your own mental health.  Connect With Other Adults  As a new mother, it may be difficult to find time to genuinely connect with other adults, which may leave you feeling lonely and stressed. However, a dance class such as ballet can give you a sense of connection and empathy with others. It has been shown that when people dance together, certain neurons activate that are used when you relate to others. Besides increasing your ability to interact with others, it will also give you a feeling of satisfaction and connection in a short amount of time.  Although there are many benefits to ballet after childbirth, it is important to remember to start slowly. You should get your doctor’s...

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